Can I bring my 4 wheeler?

Management allow members to bring their 4 wheelers. However, all ATV's are for utility use only such as for commuting between a hunting blind, shooting range, or remote fishing dock. Management prefers the use of golf carts around the facility due to there quit nature and safety.
Recreational riding on atv's is not allowed.

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2015-11-16 22:07
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Comment of chris arendt:
Would this include bringing my small 2wd ATv for my 2 yr old and I to ... show moreputt around on? He is small and I am too old for horseplay on an atv . Thanks
Added at: 2014-01-18 20:20

Comment of Dru:
Thank you for your question. We regret to inform you that we only allow members ... show moreto use ATV's for utility purposes only - such as commuting back and forth between fishing docks, to and from hunting blinds, and shooting ranges. Unfortunately, we are not able to allow any recreational use of ATV's at Big Woods Fish & Game Preserve. Management,
Added at: 2014-01-22 22:30